Rapidx Pathology Lab Gurgaon is state of the art Fully Automated Clinical Chemistry Laboratory with focus on providing high quality tests at competitive pricing to our clients like laboratories, doctors, hospitals, corporate and patients. The laboratory is spread over around 8000 sq feet area in 3 Floors, with a capacity to process more than 10,000 samples in a day. It is working round the clock to cater the needs of our clients. 



At Rapidx, we have standardized every process across our laboratory network. Every test cycle will follow same set of activities every time at every Rapidx laboratory thus resulting in standardized services and experience throughout the network.


At Rapidx, we have established efficient systesm and checks for accurate processing of every sample we receive. We are one of the few service provider who are barcoding every sample from day one for every sample collected from any rapidx centre nationwide. Every sample is identified by the barcode on the vial. The moment the sample enters the laboratory, the system enables technician to identify samples, tests etc. The sample is routed to correct instrument for processing and simultaneously result data is synchronized with the software to generate the reports on the website, making the entire process highly efficient and error-free and thus allowing us to provide right reports for right test to right person at right time every time.

Bilateral Interfacing

All the analysers in the laboratory are interfaced with our LIMS bilaterally. The analyser receive command for performing a test from LIMS and send output data for results to LIMS through interfacing with minimal manual intervention resulting precise and accurate data transfer and minimal errors.